Being an intern at the Philadelphia Office of the District Attorney has been such an amazing and humbling experience. It has helped me learn about what I really want to do with my life. I have learned a lot about being hardworking and having to complete many tasks at one time. Although I was assigned to the Family Violence and Sexual Assault (FVSA) unit, I was able to also meet other people and also work with them in the homicide unit, juvenile unit as well as working closely with people in the pre-trial unit. I got to work on a lot of the cases I went to see go on trial. It was amazing observing the court and seeing exactly how things really work. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Office of the District Attorney. I have also been given the opportunity to apply to a few positions that are opening up. Fingers crossed and prayers up, I will be working there in January 2019! - Margaret Osafo

Sarah Miller

As a fourth year student of Political Science at Temple University, I hope to gain experience through jobs and internships in non-profit, government, and social service work that allow me to use my political science and marketing skills. Handshake has been a great way for me to discover such opportunities because it tailors my job feed based on my particular interests. There is even a feed just for jobs related to my major. I simply applied through Handshake to a position at JEVS Human Services, scheduled an interview and secured the job for the fall! - Sarah Miller

Moena Evans

I enjoyed my internship and gained tons of information. I learned Domestic Violence can happen to anyone regardless of race and or your status. I also, learned that there’s plenty of resources available for victims/survivors and DV advocates will be there to support every step of the way. This experience has impacted me in a huge way, because I now have the confidence to help someone else and even save a life. I now know what direction I want to go in, in my career. - Moena Evans

Erin Houghton

Interning at the 03rd district Philadelphia Police Department has been an unforgettable experience. Everyone I met was so kind and willing to teach me about their jobs. The police officers all have so much knowledge to share and truly want the interns to learn the workings of the police department and see what it is really like to be a police officer for the city of Philadelphia. My mentor taught me how to use the Philadelphia software programs and I learned basic skills such as writing 75-48As or doing prison searches. I definitely would recommend interning at the Philadelphia Police Department for any students interested in criminal justice. It is a great way to decide if policing is truly right for you. - Erin Houghton

Ankit Deshmukh

Interning abroad is one of the most unique and eye opening experiences I’ve participated in. I interned at MediaLabCBG in Rome, a marketing and business strategy incubator. Since MediaLab CBG organizes and markets professional events for the American and Italian business/government communities in Rome, I worried that not having a background in business strategy or marketing would put me at a disadvantage. A week into the internship however, I felt completely confident in my skills as I realized that my experiences in the College of Liberal Arts prepared me for these exact situations. Through my critical thinking ability, communication skills, and (most importantly) foreign language proficiency, I could comfortably adapt to an international workplace environment. My core liberal arts background has helped to make interning abroad one of my most professionally and personally fulfilling experiences. Based on my experience, I would recommend anyone thinking about studying abroad to also think about completing an internship abroad. - Ankit Deshmukh

Biance Taipe

As a daughter of immigrants, I wanted to be involved with an organization whose mission was to support the immigrant and refugee community by leading them on a path to citizenship through low-cost legal services. As NSC’s Legal Service Coordinator Intern, I had the opportunity to engage with over 50 refugees and their families as I guided them through the green card application process. Interning at NSC has only further fueled my passion for immigration reform and to pursue a career in immigration law. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent at NSC this semester and I look forward to interning for their legal team in the spring! - Biance Taipe